Men’s Forum

About every two months a dozen or so of us meet up at local social clubs or pubs with fifty to sixty other men from churches of a range of denominations from around North-West Durham.  Standard activities on our evenings together are the bar, pie and peas supper, rounds of quiz, and a talk and debate with a guest speaker normally speaking to a Christian topic of their interest or perhaps a chat about their own Christian journey through life.  We welcome all men (whether involved in the church or not) to join us on our evenings out.  Contact either Rob Matthews (01207 771044) or Peter Jackson (01207 521156) for more details and for the current car sharing arrangements.

(Mainly) Men’s Christian Conversation

A small group of men meet together on the first Tuesday of the month in one of the pubs in the village to chat over some topic or Christian issue.  It is a very relaxed conversational evening and if the fortunes (or otherwise) of a local football team need dissecting in the middle of (for example) teasing out what we might mean by “salvation”, so be it; we will be steered back on course.  We listen courteously to what folks wish to say and challenge gently where more explanation is needed.  The thread and flow can be intermittent as we are, after all, in a pub and glasses need replenishing and communal crisp packets can inexplicably be suddenly found empty.  All welcome to attend and share in our evening.  Details from Peter Jackson (01207 521156).